Gluten Free, Vegan Brownies (sugar free, xanthan free)


Vegan Gluten Free Bliss Brownie

Hey guys!

Ok, so if you’ve been here for a little while you’ll know that in June I flipped my lid over the first triumphant attempt at at brownies.  They were super yummy.  However, I noticed that if I used dark cocoa powder (the good stuff), it actually completely changed the recipe- suddenly it was too dark, a bit too oily, and the banana taste was really overpowering.  So, I guess lesson learned is that its the perfect recipe for lighter cocoa powder.

Anyhow, this recipe is an adaptation, and was a big hit at the first Gluten Free Workshop I did back in October.  The workshop felt more like a party than a class-  we had a lot of fun, and gosh, was it ever nice to meet so many people who have crazy guts like mine ! lol  Seriously, it was a relief to be able to hang out with such lovely ladies who totally understand what its like.  For once I’m not That One With The Wierd Food Issues.   We ate, we laughed, two of the 6 recipes didn’t quite turn out the way I hoped ( pancake, I have now removed almost all almond milk.  Bread, add unflavoured gelatin) (Contact Me for the bread recipe if you want- I’m trying to make it vegan at the moment).   The others were smaaaashing great (almond bread, fantastic. Vamped Bliss Brownies, winner.  Chocolate Glaze, super tasty.  Vegan Pie Crust, awesome.  Pumpkin Pie filling, poifect.

Gluten Free Vegan Bliss Brownie

I just had to share this brownie with you.  The texture is thick and luscious.  There’s no grainy bite.  There’s no refined sugar.  There’s no animal parts.  Nuthin.  And man.

Its delicious. And easy.

Here we go!









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  1. Hi there Lana!

    Thanks so much for writing :) Ok, so, for sweeteners, you could use 4-5 soaked pureed dates or any other dried then soaked/preed fruit (just add some non dairy milk, about 1/3 cup or so to make up for the loss of wet from the agave), or forget the non dairy milk and use another banana or apple sauce and add about 1/2 tsp stevia (the best option if you are on an anti-candida diet). You could also try coconut sugar or date sugar- both are glycemic but absorb wetness so add 1/3 cup non dairy milk. Make sure if you use date sugar its organic, to avoid sulfites. Here are some other ideas I have that might be helpful, let me know how it goes!

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