Best Gluten Free Holiday Recipe Roundup



Ahhh the holidays are here.  People drop by, time for chips and dip.   Afternoon tea,  bring out the holiday cookies.  Christmas breakfast- get going on pancakes and crepes.

Whatever the reason,  food is just a big part of this time of year, and really, having  recipes for each occasion at your fingertips is probably the best option.  Especially if you are juggling multiple food intolerances.  So I went through all the recipes from the last year and put together few collages for you of some ideas for your kitchen adventures over the next few weeks.     Below each banner is a series of links to get to each recipe.  Enjoy!  Eat lots, and eat good :D

Christmas Desserts

First up, we’ve got the desserts because they’re the most important- of course!


Vanilla Cupcakes ** Chocolate Cake **  Fudge Brownie ** Home made  Nutella ** Carob Brigadeiros

Shortbread ** Marshmallow-Free Rice Krispie Squares ** Molasses Gingersnaps ** Gingerbread ** Bliss Brownies



Chips Crackers,  and Dips

Next is something for the savoury folk,  chips, crackers and dips for any occasion.


Roasted Red Pepper Hummus ** Pesto Tortilla Chips ** Dairy Free Cheese Crackers ** Beet Chips

Crackers ** Yam Chips ** Almond Rosemary Sesame Crackers ** Baba Ghanouj ** Corn Free Nacho Chips




And of course for Christmas Brunch,  dive into one of these yummy recipes.


Raw Coconut Breakfast Bars ** Pancakes ** Nut Free Granola ** Crepes



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