How to Substitute the Top 10 Allergens

Substituting the Top 10 Allergens in the Kitchen
Hey all!  I figured it might be fun to do a quick post on tips to substitute the Top 10 Allergens in your kitchen…  Most of the time if there’s one allergy in your home, there’s probably a couple others too, which makes cooking a bit of an adventure.  Hopefully you might find some ideas in here that are helpful.   
Before we start, a heads up that this is not an expert thesis…. One day I’ll be an expert ;)  For now, its a collection of a few tricks that I use and have found to be really helpful- plus, its a great excuse to pull some fun recipes out of the archive you may not have seen yet.  So, here they are- ideas for substituting the Top 10 Allergens in your cooking/ baking.  Feel free to add more to the discussion!
NOTE:  This is part of the Substitution Series:  Part 1 is Understanding Gluten Free Flours, Part 2 is How to Substitute Eggs, Part 3 is How to Substitute Sugar, Part 4 is  How to Substitute Fats/ Oils, Part 5 is How to Substitute Dairy and Part 6 is Substituting the Top 10 Allergens in Baking.

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  1. Something I learned recently…peanuts are actually not a nut at all, but rather a legume. So folks that avoid all nuts because of peanut allergy, you might want to ask your healthcare
    Provider or get tested for nut sensitivity. Also, you might be sensitive to other legumes , like I am, and had no clue.

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