Carrot and Chickpea Cumin Salad


I first saw this recipe in Food and Wine magazine, the May 2010 edition.  I didn’t even need a photo, just reading the ingredients convinced me this salad was a winner.  Its a perfect winter salad or a substantial protein replacement in the summer.  A terrific compliment is a generous dollop of strong yogurt to ballance the heat of the spices.  However, if you are a  no-dairy person,  I suggest serving it with other simple dishes that will let it be the star, and a starch to ballance the heat.  Some grilled chicken or vegan protein of your choice, rice, or mashed potatoes, with fresh corn on the cob or green beans. Beautiful.

This salad has the healthy version of a carb fix in the chickpeas.  Their starchiness ballances and absorbs the hot and spicy flavours of the cumin and paprika.  The carrots add a touch of sweetness and fresh crunch,  while the lemon juice lightens the spices and the coriander gives a refreshing last touch.  Its a beautifully ballanced salad. I was shovelling back scoopfuls and scoopfuls :)


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  1. woot! i’m so glad you like it!! :D
    yes, i did my carrots in a food processor… because otherwise, super time consuming. thanks so much for commenting Kristina! :D

  2. OK, I made it this week and it is YUMMY!!!! Did you do your carrots in a food processor? I’m thinking that would have been faster, but results are still super! :) Seems to keep welll too – no mushiness. A satisfied blog-reader!

  3. heya! it definetly infuses over night- so, if you eat it next day, serve it with a starch to ballance it out. Yogurt helps alot with it. It would be super with naan bread too.

  4. Is this one of those salads where the flavour infuses even more after an overnight or a day or two in the fridge, or is it best served immediately?

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