Apple Radish Salad

2012 July 2

Apple Radish Salad-






















I always thought I hated radishes, honestly.  Apparently this can change… I had no idea that pairing radishes with apples would neutralize that overly spicy flavour, and actually make a really refreshing lovely little salad.  Its quick and easy,  and you can make it with fresh early summer radishes and chives and onions, in the fall with the latest apples, or in the winter when you have no idea what else to make with the paltry offerings at the grocery store.

In short, a great standby.  I’m going to totally make this more often. 

Apple Radish Salad


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  1. Lindsay Campbell permalink
    June 30, 2012


    I just made this tonight and it was great!! About the only thing I did different was to use macadamia nut oil instead of olive oil. So simply and fast to make. I’ll make it next with some easter egg radishes and it will be even prettier!!

    Thanks for a fab. summer salad recipe.


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