Raw Creamy Banana Strawberry Avocado Smoothie


I never really got what the big deal was about smoothies.  It always seemed to be a bunch of nameless swamp coloured concoctions that, to be honest, really didn’t make my mouth water.

Now I totally get it.

I tried a few times to make my own smoothies but you know what always seemed to be missing? Dairy.  That really great creamy taste in your mouth.  Everything without it just seemed a bit, well, lacking.  That is, until, I made a discovery.  Avocado.  The natural healthy fats in this fruit make any smoothie just, well, beautiful!   After drinking this luscious velvet shake my insides literally felt like they were taking a sigh of relief.  I love raw food.  I love how it can perk you up and keep you going instead of weighing you down.

You know whats funny about so much raw food?  Its both vegan AND paleo!  See?  Sometimes they can get along :D .

Anyhow, here we go- super simple, right on time for strawberry season, and soooo easy to digest (happy times!).




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  1. Heya Carrie!!

    Are you a primary or secondary teacher? I went through for primary… i love the little ones… they crack me up. I don’t teach now though- iwas too sick to have the stamina to run around all day so i did the big switch and ended up in a desk job while i figured out my health. Now 4 years later, man. do i EVER miss it. One day I’ll go back i hope.

    So, for allergens- I ended up getting a vega test done- it was about 120$. It was the only way to get a definitive list of everything i was reacting to, and how much i reacted to them. I had all kinds of wierd symptoms- xanthan gum and sulfites, for example, give me heart palpitations, dizziness, and fever symptoms. Tomatoes and dark leafy greens and garlic go completely undigested. Wheat, most grains and sugar make me tired, painfully bloated and gassy, and really depressed. The list goes on and on lol. The thing is- apparently intolerances are due to an inability to digest various forms of protein. It seems plant proteins really kick me- lectins and glutens are big ones for me.

    Anyhow, vega test. It confirmed what i was suspicious of, and i was amazed at how long the list was. Now that my gut is healing, i can re-incoporate a few things, which is good. :) I got it done with a local MD, but usually you have to go to a Naturopath doctor to get it done. Interestingly, I afterwards tried a muscle resistance test and an IgeE blood test, and both confirmed the results from the Vega. Vega was great- I’d bring in a laundry basket full of stuff (including perfumes, sauces, spices, personal care products) and get them to test every last one of them. I hope that helps? give me a shout anytime for anything :)

  2. I love your blog! I am eating without many of the same things (and I am a teacher too!). I am curious how you determined your exact allergens – I have done an allergy elimination cleanse, but it is less exact. Did you have success with that, or other tests?

  3. yay! hey trace!! i hear you. i neve rrealized how great smoothies feel in my tummy :) I think its because all the fibre is broken down and so its easier to digest. I must be 90 years old i swear. lol

  4. oh little meemo!! i miss you guys. it feels like forever since i saw you. hang out soon? I was thinking of the little mano when i made the smoothie… i have another one coming for coco. :)
    oxox xlove you much much

  5. I think your nephew would love this… he is addicted to the real fruit smoothies from Tim Horton’s.. except he calles them groovy smoothies…??.. kinda a good name though!

    Like the receipe :)

  6. Avacado! That’s BRILLIANT! I always add a scoop of brown rice protein powder and some flax or chia seeds to my fruit smoothies. The protein keeps me satiated longer, and smoothies make my gut feel oh so good. I’m definitely going to throw in 1/2 an avocado tomorrow morning. Thanks! :D

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