Sweet Potato (Yam) Chips


Yam Chips

I love the whole salty-crunchy thing about snacks.  What I don’t love is how expensive the GF crackers, chips etc… are ridiculously priced.  So, enter home made snackies! Super cheap, super tasty, and after these, you’ll never go back. First I’ll go over the yam chips, and then next post, beet chips!

These chips are perfectly crispy… you can brush them or toss them with any number of spices of seasonings.  I like mine plain, but imagine how good they would be tossed with hot pepper olive oil…. oh yum.

Here they are, plain and simple and crunchy and snacky :)

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sweet potato chips


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  1. Hiya Kristin! thanks so much for the feedback… those suckers took foreeeever to peel and slice…I’m so glad you liked them!

  2. Yum! These are a terrific chip, and I never feel guilty eating it. Sweet recipe! Can’t wait to try the beet chips sweet and salty :)

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