Gluten Free, Egg Free Lamb Sausages (Paleo option)


Gluten Free Egg Free Lamb Sausages

 I cracked the code!!  After multiple attempts at making mini sausages and meatballs,  I always found that they would stick to the pan and fall apart easily.  Not anymore!  Instead of making a flax and water mixture, or a flax gel reduction,  this time I added the flax directly to the mixture and increased the amaranth flour. *jumps for joy* FINALLY!  These mini sausages are crunchy on the outside from the almonds, and they are light on the linside.  The celery and leek give a great savoury flavour-  you could easily sub in garlic and some chili flakes if you wish.  I make no appologies for using a whole kilo of lamb- it makes alot of sausages, true.  However, they freeze well and its nice to make  a big batch and not have to always be cooking more meat.  I’m a big fan of pullinga few out, reheating in a pan, and dinner is halfway done.

On to the recipe!

  1. Gluten Free Egg Free Lamb Sausages

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  1. Hi,

    Could chia replace the flax? I don’t like the taste of flax, I find it rather bitter.



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