Xmas ebook sneak peek #3

2010 November 14
Gluten Free Christmas

Gluten Free Christmas

Its been a while since I’ve updated you guys on the happenings of the Christmas recipes…. up there is a small sampling of the new recipes!  AND (hooray!) I also have a designer for it… stay tuned…  You’ll be making a few of these at the workshops if you’ve signed up…

So just so you know, you’re looking at the chewy almond cookie, chocolate crinkle cookie,  gingerbread, caramel pistachio bite,  chocolate hazelnut swirl, chocolate whoopie pie, cherry orange tea loaf, shortbread,  raspberry lemon poppysead loaf, gingersnap, and the strawberry pistachio ribbon bar.  Grand total- I have about 25 recipes for you.

Delicious :D

Coming soon as: Ebook, Regular cookbook, and Postcard series.  woot!


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