Gluten Free Cupcakes and Pie Workshop May 29!

2011 May 18







Got a hankering for GF cupcakes?  What about that great GF pie crust you’ve been wishing for?

Nows the time :)

Sunday May 29 is the first of the GF Workshop series this summer!

Come on out-  we’ll be making beautiful GF cupcakes, frosting, and pie. 

Everything will be Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Soy, Xanthan, Refined Sugar, Corn free!   You get to make your own, learn together, and eat treats that will make your gut oh so very happy.   The workshops are set up to be both interactive, hands on, and instructional.  I’ll do a demo of the recipe and then we’ll make them all together. 

Yes, I really do have that many mixing bowls!  Yes, I really do have that much space, and a second kitchen (hey, the bonus of my Italian roots- downstairs kitchen was always the work kitchen for my grandparents when they lived in this house).  

Here’s the Skinny:

  • Sunday May 29, 3:00 pm.
  • Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, chocolate ganache icing, strawberry icing and the perfect berry pie crust! 
  • Bring tupperware! You take home 6 cupcakes and your own mini-pie.
  • Supply fee: 35.00 Workshop fee: 10.00 
  • Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. East end, near St Laurent and Donald (contact me for address, its at my house)
  • Reservations: Contact me at
  • For more info Check this page
  • Sign up for all 3 workshops and save 1 entry fee! (10.00)

    (Careful. If its really nice and sunny out, I might just have to break out the Frank Sinatra Music again ;) )

    Other Workshops this summer:


    • Sunday May 29 3pm- Cupcakes and Pie
    • Sunday July 24, 3pm- One Dough 4 Dishes
    • Sunday August 28, 3pm- Mastering Breads











    WORKSHOP 2: One Dough, Four Dishes (Sunday July 24)

    • Sunday July 24, 3:00 pm.
    • With one dough, learn how to make 4 different breads! Cinnamon buns, poppyseed citrus brioche, chive herb dinner rolls, berry cobbler topping. 
    • Bring tupperware! You’ll take home lots of goodies!
    •  Supply fee: 35.00 Workshop fee: 10.00.
    • Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. East end, near St Laurent and Donald (contact me for address, its at my house)
    • Reservations: Contact me at
    • Sign up for all 3 and save 1 entry fee (10.00)


    WORKSHOP 3: Mastering Breads  (August 28)

    • Sunday August 28, 3:00 pm. 
    • Learn how to make some great breads that are safe to eat. 
    • Yeast Free almond bread, easy sandwich wraps, chocolate zuchini loaf, skillet pumpernickel bread, and a yeasted loaf. 
    • Bring Tupperware!  You’ll take home lots of goodies!
    • Supply fee:35.00 Workshop fee: 10.00
    • Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. East end, near St Laurent and Donald (contact me for address, its at my house)
    • Reservations: Contact me at
    • Sign up for all 3 and save 1 entry fee (10.00)


    Check out some of our previous workshops!



    • This is not a nut-free environment- there are nuts in the kitchen.  Many of the recipes can be adapted to nut free, let me know in advance.
    • For your safety, no flours are purchased through bulk bins.  All flours and additional ingredients are confirmed with the manufacturer to be gluten free, and packaged in a gluten free environment,  purchased directly from the original suppliers. 
    • All baking utensils and the kitchen itself are dedicated gluten free and free of cross-contamination. 
    • Alea has been certified through the City of Ottawa with the Food Handlers Safety Course.
    • Alea also has a masters degree in education, and went to teachers college. So, yah, I can teach :D
    • The supply fee needs to be paid in advance, but the workshop fee can be paid onsite. (Contact me for reservations:    
    • All workshops are free of: gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, xanthan and guar gum, refined sugar, peanuts.


    *** So come on out-  sweet times wait for you :) ***


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    7 Responses
    1. May 20, 2011

      heya Michelle!! :)

      Give it a sec and i’m sure you’ll get a cute little monster icon all to yourself… i love these things :D you can bring an apron if you wish… looking forward to it!! :D

    2. Michelle permalink
      May 20, 2011

      I can’t wait to take your classes!

      How do I get myself one of those little bonhommes you all have on your comments?

      Should I bring an apron???

    3. May 19, 2011

      no kidding! Dino, we might be neighbors? nooo way :D I’d love it if you came- i’m sure you’ll have a terrific time :)

    4. May 19, 2011

      Hey lady!

      This sounds like too much fun! I definitely want to come! Looks like we may live near each other too! : )

    5. May 18, 2011

      You’re right Dedee! I’ll fix that right away- I’m in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

    6. Dedee greenleaf-hodgdon permalink
      May 18, 2011

      are you in the states or canada? i can’t find it on the website anywhere except the name of the streets….i’m in Maine

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