Gluten Free Christmas Sneak Peak #2

2010 September 29
Vegan GF Molasses Gingersnap

Vegan GF Molasses Gingersnap

Yes.  Those are spicy molasses gingersnap cookies.  They’re tender, they are chewy, and their texture is just terrific.

You would never, in a million years guess that they are made with almond and coconut flour!  And yes, THIS time I did NOT lose the recipe.  In fact, I’ve been baking them like crazy for charity events and they are flying out the door like hotcakes!  errr. gluten free hotcakes ;)   

You know whats neat about these cookies?  They don’t dry out,  they are high in protein, AAND best of all- they taste exactly like ‘regular’ molasses gingersnaps!  If you are one of the lucky few who signed up for either the Oct 7 workshop or the Oct 14 workshop, you are in the money.  I’ll be bringing a tray full of these beauties for you to snack on while we bake :)

hoofreaking ray :D !  ebook coming along nicely!  And I now have a launch date- Nov 30, 2010.  So stay tuned- you will be able to get either an ebook or a hardcover version, your choice. Helloooo Gluten Free Christmas!

Now I’m going back to munching on a few of these for breakfast… hehe


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2 Responses
  1. September 30, 2010

    trace- you got it toyota! I got your name down :)

  2. Tracy permalink
    September 30, 2010

    Yahooo bukaroooo! I can’t wait to taste them on October 7th!!! I am totally buying your hardcover book, so if there is a list for that pretty please put my name down! Wow. These look pretty FANSTASTICAL!


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