Gluten Free Christmas Sneak Peak #2

Vegan GF Molasses Gingersnap
Vegan GF Molasses Gingersnap

Yes.  Those are spicy molasses gingersnap cookies.  They’re tender, they are chewy, and their texture is just terrific.

You would never, in a million years guess that they are made with almond and coconut flour!  And yes, THIS time I did NOT lose the recipe.  In fact, I’ve been baking them like crazy for charity events and they are flying out the door like hotcakes!  errr. gluten free hotcakes ;)   

You know whats neat about these cookies?  They don’t dry out,  they are high in protein, AAND best of all- they taste exactly like ‘regular’ molasses gingersnaps!  If you are one of the lucky few who signed up for either the Oct 7 workshop or the Oct 14 workshop, you are in the money.  I’ll be bringing a tray full of these beauties for you to snack on while we bake :)

hoofreaking ray :D !  ebook coming along nicely!  And I now have a launch date- Nov 30, 2010.  So stay tuned- you will be able to get either an ebook or a hardcover version, your choice. Helloooo Gluten Free Christmas!

Now I’m going back to munching on a few of these for breakfast… hehe


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  1. Yahooo bukaroooo! I can’t wait to taste them on October 7th!!! I am totally buying your hardcover book, so if there is a list for that pretty please put my name down! Wow. These look pretty FANSTASTICAL!


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