Dairy Free Vegan Pistachio Ice Cream (Paleo, GF, ACD)




















Ice creaaaaaam! How much do you love the stuff? I do.  Bigtime.  I’ve noticed this summer a plethora of dairy-free ice cream recipes  popping up, and I thought, well its time for a new one over here.  Ever made ice cream with coonut milk before? No?  You need to try my vanilla ice cream with rhubarb ginger ribbon,  or my tipsy soft serve amaretto ice cream. Dreamy.

Today’s goal was to pull off a pistachio recipe.  After some hunting around and comparing different recipes, I finally mashed a bunch of ideas together to see how this would turn out, and, I must say I lurvs it. :)

You might think its a bit odd to have lemon juice in this recipe, but it really lightens and brightens the coconut milk-  a general rule of thumb is, whenever you have fat in a recipe, add an acid to balance the flavour. (Just like whenever you have alot of sugar in a recipe, add a little salt to balance it).



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  1. ohhh Junia you brighten my day!
    You know, one day i will have to meet you :D you are just such a lovely person. how is your beautiful blog coming along? I’m going to go run check :) xo

  2. thanks so much Ricki!
    I can’t wait to post this on your wellness weekend, as soon as i get home from work! :D (thanks so much for the lovely twitter mention!) xox

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