Raw Beet and Grapefruit Salad


Wierdly, for some reason I’m a big fan of raw beets.   A little on the odd side, I know.   Whats even stranger  is that I discovered how much I looove raw beets with grapefruit.  The juicy, slightly tart citrus with the fresh crunch of the beet and sweet apple are pretty great.  I’m finding that ever since starting on betaine supplements with digestive enzymes,  eating citrus and some other raw foods is actually less problematic.  Sooo I’m giving this one a shot.   Its a great way to make the most of winter vegetables available and to give a little variety break from the regular green salad that I seem to just fall back on for everything.

Here we go!










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  1. Hey there Elizabeth- thank so much for such a sweet note! Most of my baked goods are vegan- I can’t do eggs or dairy for allergies… although I must admit I do love to eat meat :) (I find my baked goods are all vegan and my meat dishes are all paleo stype… a bit odd but i guess it works:) ). I haven’t posted any meat-related recipes in a little while (I’m a little behind on that) but will probably have a few coming up…
    You are so kind to drop a note to say hi- thank you !

  2. glad to have come across your facebook page…..looking forward to the posts….found the link via my daughter(in-law) and her Clean Green Simple page….and though I am a novice it’s wonderful to have the connections/ability to reference as I slowly grow into a vegetarian/maybe full vegan life :)

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