Mexican Chickpea Zuchini-Thyme Salad (GF, Vegan, Top 10 free)


Zuchini Thyme Salad

A few days ago I had the pleasure of dinner at a dear friend D’s house, who recently retired (and he likes to point out every time that he doesn’t miss a thing. Thanks D. Thanks for rubbing it in…lol).

D is one of the most interesting people I know.  He has all kinds of unique places of expertise and knowledge, and this night was no different… between he and his stunning wife E, i’m telling you, it was one of those perfect summer nights that just burns into your memory. Crickets, stories, rustic home made barbecue pit, food and laughs.  Beautiful.

Anyhow, this salad comes from him, as he shared what he knew about traditional types of ‘peasant food’ ( really, thats the only way to go.).  The salad is fresh, crunchy, filling and light.  Its a really unique combination of flavours I would not have thought to put together-  the savoury thyme balances the salty olives and the zuchini lightens it adding crunch.  The chickpeas add substance and the onion gives a nice zesty crunch to the flavours.  This is perfect as a one-bowl meal and a great dish to bring to any event because its so simple, colourful, and suits just about any diet.

Here we go!


Zuchini Thyme Salad


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