Lentil Pepper Salad


Lentil Pepper Salad

Nothing like a gimpy finger to slow down your cooking momentum… a few days ago I inflicted some mayhem on myself with a mandoline while making beet chips (which were delicious and I’ll post the recipe soon…errr… minus large finger chunk and my poor freaked out neighbors… lol).

Anyways, typing is interesting ….

On to the salad!  This is just delicious. I’m rather proud of myself.  After splurging on seasonal berries and beginning the yearly freezing/canning/jamming/pesto binge that is now in swing,  plus hosting way too many dinner parties, has left my grocery budget a weeeee bit on the tight side. I looked at my cupboards and thought… ok people, cheap dinner. How can I get economical here? Enter pulses and legumes.  I’m going to have as my goal for the next month only to buy fruit and veg and nothing else for groceries, and see how far my cupboard stock can stretch.

On to the salad! You’re gonna looooooove it :)


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