Gluten Free Workshop Updates!

Gluten Free Workshops Ottawa
workin hard!


Guys, I’m beat.  The workshop was nothing I could have expected-  what a kind, easygoing, wonderful group of ladies I met tonight! You were all so welcoming and patient (that darn sandwich bread! I will conquer it!),  and I felt like I was entertaining a bunch of friends for a party. 

Next time i bring martinis!  We made brownies, pancakes, almond bread, attempted sandwich bread (i SHALL conquer that beast!), made pumpkin pie (which i’ll be posting asap), and altogether had a phenomenal night. 

Next workshop is Oct 14, and after that, stay tuned because it will be Christmas cookies time!

Loved you all-  it meant so much to meet other people who get as sick as i do!  Hello coma! :)

Visit here to learn about the new upcoming workshops!

Check out my flickr photostream  for images:

I made a group, so add your pics and comments from the night! :

Read about the Oct 14 workshop from Pickles’s gluten free blog!

And now i’m beat. must get that pie recipe up….

Gluten Free Workshops Ottawa
Makin Pumpkin Pie!
Gluten Free Workshops Ottawa
goodies for the gang...

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