Gluten Free Vegan Carrot Muffins (sugar free, xanthan free, nut free)


So I’ve been messing around with this recipe for about a week now, and I think I’ve got it!   There’s nothing like the challenge of trying to make a cake-like concoction without eggs. or xanthan gum. or even my beloved nut flours that  are such great standbys.  Nope. This time I was going to see if I could pull off a muffin that held together,  and had none of those ingredients.

Ridiculous? Um. Kinda.

My first attempt I totally caved in and used nut flours, and I have to say, it was pretty good.  Didn’t rise very high but the texture was so cake-like. For those of you who can have nuts, I’ve included it here.

My second attempt, I wanted so badly to find something that would give the batter structure! Nut flours always give structure and without them, I’m kinda lost.   GF Grain flours would just end up sinking into a gloopy mess without them in vegan recipes. And then it hit me- what if I cooked a whole grain and used that to hold up the muffin? bingo.  genius.  I cooked up some quinoa in apple juice to sweeten it.  The first time I pureed the cooked quinoa with the other wet ingredients-  um.  Kinda heavy and gloopy.  BUT my fab buddy M. suggested I just gently mix them with the wet ingredients instead, to preserve the structure of the grain and add the structure to the batter.  She was totally right- it worked!

Ok, so, now that you have the background on these puppies, lets get baking! I totally want to try this with millet, amaranth, and some blueberries or dried apricots…. wheels are turning :D

So, the first recipe, is the nut free version.  The second recipe is the nut based version. Here we go! Two for the price of one :)





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  1. hi there sunflower!
    you can use non-dairy milk (rice, almond , hemp cashew etc…), or you can use water mixed with a little bit (1tbsp) of honey- that will work well :)
    Happy baking!

  2. I have many allergies and am looking for new recipes all the time, I found this recipe and is sounds so wonderful, I use all the ingredients in my other baking, and have them on hand. But I do not have the apple juice, is there a replacement I could use, or could I boil some apples up and then puree them ?

  3. Hi there Sophie- you’re an O-town girl too? thats terrific! :D If you ever want to come visit me at the Main Farmers Market i’ll save you a treat! ;)
    OK, so agar powder- you can blend the strands in a coffee gridner, hwoever, I foudn the powder is really fine when you buy it already ground, so it might make a smoother result. Kowloon market on Somerset has packs of it for 1.59, and i saw another asian grocer selling packs for 1.39 (the packs are about 3 tbsp). Hope that helps!! so great to meet you :D

  4. So exciting to find a blogger who lives close to me!
    Agar powder…can I process agar flakes to make that? Or is it better to buy agar powder?

    Thank you :)

  5. Hiya Ricki!

    They’re pretty yummy :) As for xanthan gum- I’e decided to cut it out of all of my baking. Its made from the mold that causes blackrot on vegetables. ( . Since I have a mold sensitivity, the stuff makes me dizzy and pretty sick. I also found some information linking it to excitotoxicity of the neurons, and it being linked to MSG ( see last page) , may be grown on wheat or corn or soy or cause allergic reactions:,

    Overall, the stuff kinda worries me. I promised myself only to eat real food, and it seems xanthan gum has a bad effect on my gut. Apparently even Gluten Free Girl is cutting it out as well- I read the comments on her page and was surprised by the number of people who said they couldn’t digest it either-

    So, no xanthan for me :)

  6. Definitely intriguing! I love whole grains in baking, too. Using applejuice is a great idea. :) Well, they look terrific, and I can’t wait to try them! Is there a reason you’re not using xanthan? Just wondering.

  7. i know- how crazy eh? the quinoa is a great magic ingredient! :) I’m loking forward to trying the same thing with millet now too! :)

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