Spicy Eggplant Antipasto

Grilled Eggplant Recipe *Gluten Free Ottawa My Real Food Life
Grilled Eggplant Recipe

My cousin Annalisa makes the most killer grilled eggplant antipasto, ever.  I’m thinking of the slices of spicy salty grilled perfection, with hints of fresh pasley and that extra virgin olive oil and how I would eye that plate in the fridge, sitting there, taunting me, daring me to take a  bite. Or 20 bites.  ;)  

Its amazing how simple this recipe is, and yet how terrific it tastes. Its a terrific appetizer course, served with some roasted red pepper, maybe some olives, and some hummus or baba ghanouj with nacho chips. Regardless, just try this recipe once.  You won’t regret it.

Eggplant Antipasto



  1. Slice the eggplant in rounds no thicker than 1/2 cm
  2. Heat up a pan on medium heat, but do not add olive oil.  Place the eggplant pieces on the bare pan.
  3. Gently turn the pieces over only when the underside is a dark brown.   You’ll notice that the inside part of the eggplant pieces is starting to cook too.  You want this to be as dry as possible.
  4. When you’ve flipped the eggplant over, you’ll know it is ready when the second side is dark golden or slightly charred.  The egplant pieces should seem almost dried out.
  5. Place the cooked pieces on a drying rack so they can cool without gathering condensation
  6. When cool, place a layer of the pieces at the bottom of a deep dish.  drizzle lightly with hot olive oil, salt, and fresh herb of your choice.  Repeat with subsequent layers until its complete.
  7. Let the eggplant sit for at least 20 min before sampling it-  you want the flavours to infuse.  Kept in the fridge, these are even better the second day!
  8. YUM.  Maybe one day I’ll go back to Italy and see Annalisa again and I’ll hog her eggplants….because hers are magic :)
Grilled Eggplant Recipe *Gluten Free Ottawa My Real Food Life
Grilled Eggplant Recipe

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