Chickpea Chips (Corn free Nacho Chips, Gluten Free, Vegan)


I think one of the first things to go out the door when you cut out gluten, corn etc… is junk food.  There are some days when you just want to be able to dunk into dip without vegetables- with something thin, salty and crunchy. Like these corn free, gluten free Nacho chips. These are deeeelicious.


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  1. Hi Farzana! if its non-stick, you can still use a bit of coconut oil if you wish, but its not a ‘must’. hope that helps!

  2. When I pour the mixture on my flat griddle, do you spray with Pam or something or smear with butter maybe ?? It is not stick though.

  3. anytime, winter :D

    i know… once you find the big blogs, its heaven. just plain heaven. oh, btw, if you are doing anti candida- raw food recipes are a godsend. Raw on 10 is a great site. Also check out diet dessert n dogs. she’s totally anti candida in her recipes :D happy browsing!! ox

  4. hi alea! :)

    thanks a lot! i’m really excited. ^^ for the time being i’ve figured out how to save select pages as a pdf, though. :3

    thank you so much for all of the blog suggestions, as well!

    i’ve been looking at a few others like “affairs of living,” “the spunky coconut,” “healthy indulgences,” “the gluten-free ‘dish'” and more.

    just can’t get enough of my newfound candida/gluten-free/grain-free/whole foods/etc… friendly blogs. :D

  5. hi there Winter!
    Its one of my goals for this fall to figure out how to do a ‘print this’ function :) fingers crossed, it will work :) in the meantime, if you are doing the ACD diet, have you heard of dietdessertndogs? or Raw on 10? both have great recipes for the ACD diet as well :) (and any paleo-style blog is also ACD friendly- like “everyday paleo’ and “growing up paleo” and “paleodietlifestyle” thought i’d share- because when i was doing ACD i found it a chellnge to get recipes… best of luck, happy cooking !! :)

  6. hi… i was wondering if it would be possible to add a “print” type link to your blog posts? :3 i see myself printing a lot of your recipes out in the near future since i’ve started eating an anti-candida diet. ^^ just wondering~ and thanks for the awesome recipe!

  7. Heya trace ! :)
    Hmm do you have any non stick griddles? if not, I think your best bet is to actually line a cookie sheet with parchment paper, pour it on, put the oven rack at the top level, and broil the mix until its got gold patches on it. Then flip it over to do the other side. Then turn down the oven heat to about 300 and keep baking it till its crispy. (You’re welcome to try it at my house after work sometime! I have a 5kg bag of chickpea flour :)

  8. These look awesome, Alea! I don’t have any teflon – do you think my cast iron pan would be fine???
    Luv ya! x

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