Beet Chips



Beeeeeeet chips! Oh the bane of my severed finger’s existance (haha jokes its not that bad… ). But seriously, if you are gonna try one beet recipe, this is the way to go.

Do you hate beets? Trust me, this will make you a believer.  Don’t can them, don’t pickle them, don’t do ANYTHING but make chips.  Don’t believe me? dude.  There’s just nothing like them.  They have a perfect light texture, are cunchy like a potato chip,  and have  a light crackle when you bite them.  They’re phenomenal. And addictive. And CHEAP! lol

Ok so, I first found this recipe on Naturally Ella,  she’s got a beautiful little blog you must check out.  Her photos are mouth watering.

Here’s the recipe, its basically just like the Sweet Potato Chips version.  The only thing is, be careful with these puppies- they burn easily.  Especially if they are cut at different thicknesses.



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beet chips


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  1. Erin- ahahahhaa!! so true! although i wonder if i severed a nerve. i still can’t feel anything in the tip of my finger yet lol
    thanks so much for the shout out! :)

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