Zippy Apple Salad



Apple Grape SaladWow… it seems like I’ve been doing nothing but cooking these past few days, and as a result, zero posts, a bajillion photos and I probably won’t be getting any sleep tonight!

I’ve been trying to get a gluten free banana snacking cake to work, and last night’s attempt- total flop. Slimy, stinky goo. eugh. (how on earth does a cake get stinky?!) Maybe I should take pictures of these expensive recipe failures … at least it could be entertaining?

Anyways, on to this lovely, simple salad. I served it a few days ago when I had some friends over, and we were all surprised at just how good it tastes- there is a tartness from the apples, sweetness from the grapes, a savoury hint from the celery, and somehow the lemon juice just perks it up so that they all taste complex and lovely. Who knew.

This could be a great late summer/ early fall recipe when the apples and grapes and celery are in season, or a winter recipe when there’s like nothing else on those grocery shelves. Either way, since its so simple, try to get the best ingredients you can. Organic celery has a much stronger flavour, and get the red grapes that are firm to the touch but seedless. You could also get the dark black grapes and cut out the seeds. Granny Smith apples are your best choice. They are tart, and their texture and taste works well with the other strong flavours. If you use a McIntosh or other red apple, you won’t get the same flavour experience.

Ok! Here’s the quickie recipe for this morning. Hopefully tonight I’ll be able to post some really fun stuff…

 If you want to do a variation and you can handle dairy, try tossing this with a combination of vanilla yogurt and maple syrup. mmm. I remember I used to have this salad for breakfast. Toss in a few walnuts or toasted pecans, and you are good to go!

Apple Grape Salad


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  1. hi ckp!
    i find if you use virgin olive oil, you don’t notice the flavour- the celery and the green apples have enough perk to them to ballance the flavour… i’m wondering though, it might be neat to use a walnut oil, an dthrow in some toasted nuts as well.

  2. is the olive oil not too strong? i may try this with a lighter oil. i love celery – some people only eat it in soups but i love raw celery :)

  3. This salad was so incredibly easy to prepare and absolutely delicious and refreshing. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. It is definitely being added to me favourites!

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