Vegan Raw Pie Crust (or Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Crust)


OK, don’t let the hippie name fool you. It tastes like cinammon sugar cookies. And its super easy! And its alot healthier than regular pie crust. Just dump the ingredients in a blender, and go. Thats it. Its soo worth a try for a less-guilty dessert :)

Now, if you aren’t vegan or if you aren’t into raw food, or even if you aren’t struggling with food allergies, this pie crust is still a big winner. Consider all kinds of  fillings for the crust- sliced bananas with  vanilla pudding and dairy free whipped cream on top.  If you can do dairy, try cream cheese and honey with cooked strawberries and lemonzest on top.  This pie crust freezes beautifully.  Fill it with dairy free ice cream and your choices of toppings! Ice cream pie! 

 I’d much rather call it Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Crust but then Google searches wouldn’t be so successful. *sigh*

This pie crust goes beautifully with my vegan cheesecake rhubarb pie recipe.  Just doooo eeeeet.


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  1. Hi there Lee-
    for the coconut oil, you can sub in unhydrogenated organic palm oil, or your preferred non-dairy fat, or even your preferred nut or seed butter.
    For the shredded coconut, you can either add in your choice of dried fruit or seeds, or you can just take it out altogether and it will taste great regardless :) happy baking! alea

  2. Can I substitute the coconut with something else? Unfortunately I really don’t like the taste of coconut. I’m always looking for an easy, gluten-free, healthier version for pie crust.

    Thanks a bunch!

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