Turkey Bolognese Sauce


Turkey Bolognese Sauce

There are times when you want some protein with your gluten free pasta, but you just don’t want heavy meatballs, or the trouble of making them.  Add to that a hot summer night when the thought of heavy meats like beef or pork are unappealing, and then, bam! It hits you. What if you used ground turkey?

Now, appologies in advance to any member of my family that may be reading this. I am going to totally be disrespectful to a proper bolognese. *forgive me*?? (mom, no input on this one! …haha…)

I just had to get that out of the way :)

Alright, so, turkey bolognese.  Its an easy sauce,  freezes well, and goes very well with my favorite gluten free pasta-  brown rice Tinkyada spaghetti.  You can find it at Rainbow Foods, and probably at other health stores.  They also carry wild rice pasta, which is delicious.  Tastes so close to real pasta, you would be surprised, its not at ALL like regular white rice noodles (which are only good, really, with asian dishes and sesame oil. Anything else, eugh.)

Ok, here’s the recipe!

Turkey Bolognese Sauce

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7 Replies to “Turkey Bolognese Sauce”

  1. Actually- what you should do is dip slices of eggplant in a starch+ some salt, then dip in a mix of flax and water, and then in almond meal. pan fry in olive oil. layer with bolognese sauce and cheese if you want, or with pesto or fresh basil leaves, then bake.
    mmm. its like a cranked up version of melanzana parmiggiana.

  2. lol. sure. just smear the sauce on a steak? lol
    passato and passata are the same. i looove this stuff with a drizzle of hot pepper olive oil on it! :)

  3. Is it ok to have protein without the pasta? :) Gotta love any recipe that lists “hot pepper olive oil” in the ingredient list.

    (Is passato a variation of passata? My Italian is non-existent…)

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