Cranberry Sweet Potato Salad with Maple Dijon Dressing ( GF, dairy free, vegan, paleo, nut free)

2011 October 8

Happy Thanksgiving to all my lovely fellow Canucks-  here’s a great sweet potato and cranberry recipe that works for so many different diets and has a wonderful holiday tangy taste with just the barest hint of sweetness.

Its nut free, and a liiiittle on the addictive side. Which is good, for something so healthy and festive.

This salad is more than just delicious. Its kinda sorta phenomenal. There is this wonderful spark from the dijon mustard that is evened out with the maple syrup, and the cranberries give this lovely lift of tiny tartness.  The freshly roasted pumpkin seed give a wonderful nutty crunch and the chives simply elevate it to the next level.  This salad is a meal, I’m telling you!


This recipe linked to SOS October Kitchen Challenge at .



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6 Responses
  1. October 16, 2011

    why thank you Ricki!!
    I will absolutely post this recipe in your SOS challenge… thank you so much :)

  2. October 15, 2011

    Two of my very favorite ingredients–together! I love the combo of sweet potato and cranberries. . . mmm! One of my favorite salads is a warm sweet potato-ginger combo which I’ve been making for years–I have a feeling this one could be my next “go to” version! This would be such a perfect recipe for our SOS Kitchen Challenge this month (cranberries)–hope you’ll submit it! :)

  3. May 13, 2011

    oh yay!!! amelia i’m so glad you feel encouraged, that is SO important. i know how you feel. some days you look at food and are like, maaan. i can’t do this anymore. and then you find an easy recipe and its like, *cue the angellic chorus!* :) I have a few other favorite blogs you might find helpful- google lexie’sKitchen, thespunkycoconut, elana’s pantry, dietdessertndogs, yumuniverse, paleodietlifestyle. They all address a variety of different food restrictions- i find them super encouraging and easy. the only thing, of couse, is that some use eggs, others use tomatoes, some use a bit of soy, others nuts, but overall i can always find something to perk me up a bit :D xoxo email me anytime if you’re feeling in the dumps. I totally know what its like :) xo alea

  4. Amelia permalink
    May 12, 2011

    Great – vinegar is fine, so I’ll try that. Tx for the tip re. citric acid too – I’ll inquire. Thanks so much!! I’ve been totally motivated & encouraged that I can enjoy food again since I discovered your blog & recipes :).

  5. May 11, 2011

    Hi there Amelia!

    Thanks so much for the sweet compliment :D
    For this recipe you can use a couple different things to replace the lemon juice- if you can have vinegar, try a white wine vinegar or a rice vinegar. If vinegar is out, try 1/4 tsp citric acid dissolved in 1 tbsp water and use a few drops / adjust to taste. :) In fact, in most cases, especially with baking, you can replace citrus with citric acid. I don’t know what it is derived from, I almost wonder, given the name, that it might be derived from citrus, so do ask your local health food store if they can explain how it originates just to be sure. :D Happy baking and cooking!!


  6. Amelia permalink
    May 11, 2011

    Hi – I have most of the same food limitations/restrictions as you, but additionally I can’t have any citrus. Can you suggest a good substitute for the lemon juice? This recipe (as most of your others) sounds & looks yummy!!

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