Salmon Pomegranate Salad


January really should be called National Salad Month, shouldn’t it?   We’re all trying to bounce back from holiday  meals, getting back to regular schedules, renewing Our Vows to Love and Cherish our guts till death do us part ;)

This salad jumped out at me because I love pomegranate.  Its a perfect fruit for salad- you have a sweet-tart burst of goodness with some cruch that combines perfectly with fresh greens.  ahhhh greens.  I’m curently sitting in a hotel room in Connecticut (ohh so far from home, Toto), at a wedding photographer’s conference.  And I FANTASIZE vegetables.  Nothing like travel to challenge anyone’s list of food intolerances.

So, with that in mind, here’s this super duper salad I came up with last week.  If you are particularly sensitive to fibre,  keep it to baby greens and honestly, perhaps take out the pomegranate and substitute with dried cranberries.  If you can’t have orange, give grapefruit a try.  If you don’t want citrus, mix a pinch of citric acid (vitamin c) crystals with water for dressing, or use a splash of white wine vinegar.  Play with it :)


3 Replies to “Salmon Pomegranate Salad”

  1. Thanks Heather!
    its those darn pomegranate seeds that make it all special.. i’m telling you, addictive aren’t they? :)

  2. That looks delicious! I made a similar dish last week. What a perfect combination of salty, tangy, and sweet. And heart-healthy meal too!

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