Red Pepper Mango Salad


Once in a while, when I am reaaaally lucky, I go to S.’s parents house for dinner. Now, if you’ve ever had home made indian food, you’d know what a humungus treat that is.  One of the neat things about the dinners is the variety of inventive salads I get to try.  This one is my favorite- so simple, a bit unusual, and totally delicious.  Now, apparently original credit needs to go to Zarin auntie for this recipe, but I’ve only ever had Nasim auntie’s version (which is delicious!) so I think I need to thank both of them for it!  Thaaaaaank you :)  This junglee girl loves you guys so much. (even if I do tend to pour a little red wine in the bean sak from time to time haha…).

Okie doke! On with the salad.