Quick Chickpea Coconut Curry

2011 March 14

Quick Chickpea Coconut Curry - MyRealFoodLife.com

This is a mild  and quick dinner- I like to fall back on it when I want something filling but just don’t have the oomphf to make a full meal… and it lasts for days if you’re a single person, so double points for that :)  Now, *Technically* this isn’t a real curry, I mean I’m using curry powder (sorry Shizzle ;)- don’t tell the aunties about this one, k?  ),  but, hey, its thick and velvety and hot and just right for the cold nights.  Here we go! From start to finish it will take you less than 20 min. How awesome is that!



Quick Chickpea Coconut Curry - MyRealFoodLife.com


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