Purple Chickpea Salad

2011 August 10
Purple Cabbage Chickpea Salad 
 I love the colour purple in food! Especially in salads and desserts.  This salad makes a humungus bowl, like enough to serve 20 people- so uh… if you don’t have latent Italian-mama tendencies or a wacked-out sense of proportion (*cough*cough* like me sometimes! ), um….reduce the ingredients by about half … 

 I had some friends over last night for dinner, and D and C seemed to like this salad :)  or maybe they were simply basking in that wicked endorphin high called “we just got engaged”… which was also lovely.  And if it made them like my food, then, hooray for me! haha :)

  Note: The filling chickpeas are really well ballanced by the strong crunch of the purple cabbage, and I’m a big fan of the spicy kick.  If you don’t have cilantro,  substitute parsley.  If you don’t have spicy eggplant,  substitute spicyhot pepper olive oiland if you are a carnivore, throw in some chopped hard boiled eggs, or feta, or even some tuna, maybe? 


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Purple Cabbage Chickpea Salad


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