Perfect Parsnip Chips (GF, primal, vegan, allergen free)





















I really miss snacking on a salty crunchy carb.  There are days, I will admit, I totally pine for potatoes but secretly wonder if there might be a (slightly) healthier alternative?

I’ve tried baking beets and sweet potato chips- but they just aren’t that pale crunchy potato-y treat.  (sidebar- I so totally know potato-y isn’t a word. lol) — Parsnips, however.  Parsnips are another ballgame altogether.   They are nowhere near the same flavour of beet chips or sweet potato chips. They are so, so much better.























I’m thinking I have to try this method on yucca, on cassava, and heck, even on plantains!

These chips are crispy, light, and just about as close to potato-y as you can get- so if you are a Nightshade-free person, you are in some serious luck!

I’ve discovered there is a  trick to making these.  Thanks to Martha  Stewart’s method,  your chips can now be pretty, and fairly evenly cooked!























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