Marshmallow-Free, Dairy Free Rice Krispie Squares


Marshmallow Free Rice Krispie Squares

Note: An updated version of this recipe with  a great chocolate espresso glaze is here.

OK, so I’d just finished making a whack load of Gluten, Nut, Oat Free Granola,  and I was eyeing this big bag of leftover puffed rice cereal.

What the heck do I do with all that cereal?  I tried eating it… um. Bad idea. Too high in complex carbs and sent me into an hours-long  carb coma within minutes.  Scratch that. No more straight rice cereal. Buuuut…. maybe if I made a dessert out of it that was higher in protein, maybe I could handle that?

 Turns out, the answer is, um nope, sweetness will knock me out either way, but I’ll deal with it for this! I’ll just cut reaaallly tiny portions lol…  This new dessert is too yummy. :D  Yup.  The RealFood version of Rice Krispies squares.  No dairy (no butter), and no marshmallows (no freaky petrolium byproduct or high fructose corn syrup). Super :)  Its light, crunchy, sticky, sweet. Just what dessert should be.

And oh- for you kitchen-phobes, its only 4 ingredients and involves just the microwave.  So take a breath and give it a shot :D


Marshmallow Free Rice Krispie Squares


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  1. Hi Carolina- That might be a great idea- make sure to line your container with parchment paper so that the bars don’t fuse into the pan, and keep it at a lower heat, like 300, so that they don’t burn while the honey is caramelizing. Let me know how it turns out! :)

  2. i didn’t heat up my honey long enough so it didn’t thicken and form ‘bars’. could i pop it in the oven for half an hour or so?

  3. Kelloggs now has gluten free brown rice krispies!!! I bought them recently and they are awesome!!!

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