In Case of Emergency, Pull Oxygen Mask.


Have you ever seen those  emergency cards on planes?  Have you ever noticed that they tell you to put on your own oxygen mask before reaching to help your kids with theirs?

I always thought that was strange.

A few days ago, my brother and I got to talking about this oxygen mask – and he made an interesting point.  You can’t take care of your babies if you’re passing out yourself.  Guaranteed you can help them if they can’t breathe. As your dependents, they can’t  help YOU if you can’t breathe- and then everyone goes under.

Now, think about this as it applies to business.  If your business is an airplane with engine trouble, you need to grab on to your oxygen to figure out how to keep everything else alive.  In short,  sometimes you have to give yourself the oxygen first and make sure you’re still breathing- before you check on everyone else.  And sometimes that means what is precious to you  has to wait its turn till you are strong enough to  give it your all.

What is your oxygen?


It might seem odd that I talk about this (Alea, where”s the food?)-  I’m getting there.

As life would have it,  I’ve found myself at quite the crossroads.   I suddenly understand reaching for an oxygen mask to breathe, at the expense of making my dependent activities wait.  I have to figure out-  What do I do with my life now?  How do I move forward?  When do I get to breathe?  My professional life has changed in some big ways, and I have to make some big decisions.


Last Friday, I bought a plane ticket to somewhere far, far away.  It seems ridiculous to do that given what is happening in my professional life. But I did it.

This somewhere is where I go when life throws questions at me that are too big for me to answer all by myself.  Its a place with 600 roots to the tree I come from.  Where nothing changes for generations, while the outside world spins faster and faster.

I’m going to Italy.  I”m taking some time to cook, to eat, to photograph, to be with the roots and echoes of the ghosts of the familiar faces who came and left their marks in my history.  I will deal with the bill later.

I would like to take you with me.

Every day I’ll try to share a photo, a short video, a funny story (because trust me, Italians, they are so funny :) and so good looking! but thats another story…;)  ), or  a recipe.

I leave September 4, I come home October 4.  I expect to figure out my answers.  And most of all, I want so much to share the beauty with you.

So, yah.  Thats the food part of this entry.

Join me. :)




6 Replies to “In Case of Emergency, Pull Oxygen Mask.”

  1. hahaha… Rebekah- that recipe is not hard to find. its the ones that are free of trouble that are more difficult to locate ;) xox

  2. ahhh helu. its totally ok. and you need to start taking care of you now too :) i’m good, i just need to go and reflect- we all have those points :D xoxox

  3. You’re what: )!!! Wow! Italy! As you’ve had almost every time, I hope you get the most out of it!!! I’m packing and getting my last 6am doses of real news and fav blogs before i’m ‘off from the world’ for 10 days too… but will talk when i get back…have had the feeling we’ve needed to – for a little bit now! Hey, I know my life for a while now has meant that I can’t be there for me – but I’m always there for you: ) (Coulda talked to you for a bit @farmers market this past Saturday – if your booth wasn’t so damn busy: )!!! H.

  4. Ohhh Italy :)
    Wonderful :)
    Now don’t forget to bring back all the gifts of food Italy can offer…mozzarella from Italy..Mmmm nothing is better :)

    Oh and if you DO find a recipe for a good looking Italian man you MUST share :)

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