How to Ferment Vegetables, Dairy Free Probiotics


So, its been kicking around in my head for a while that I should look into this whole business of fermented vegetables.  I’ve been hearing that they’re a great non-dairy source of probiotics, can help with sugar cravings, and are great for digestion.   All I know is that whenever my gut is going haywire, fermented foods seem to help quite alot to calm it, and reduce swelling, which was terrific. So, I went hunting around trying to find some easy recipes.

I noticed that alot of different recipes called for  exotic types of vinegars (plum vinegar) and rice wine and things that at the moment are simply not part of my grocery budget.  I thought back to the foods that my aunts in Italy used to eat all winter, like Giardiniero (winter vegetables), green beans, all manner of just about anything pickled you can think of.  I figured, it couldn’t be that hard! I mean, I must have the ingredients already in my pantry somewhere.

And then I came across this lovely blog called the Raw Foods Witch. (its kinda cute I must say).  She has a super, super simple recipe for fermenting vegetables that I tried 3 days ago, and this morning, I opened the jars and voila! It worked!! If you aren’t so sure, check out her great entry on the benefits of eating fermented foods.  Now, if you want to expand your repertoire to non dairy  coconut kefir yogurt  and coconut water kefir– you totally have to check out Heather at YumUniverse.  Those look terrrrific.

Okie Doke- Here’s an adaptation of the super easy Raw Foods Witch fermented vegetables recipe :


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  1. hi Christina-
    since you’re going to let the mixture ferment, you’ll be growing bacteria…. so you will want your water to be completely sanitized… you can distill water by bringing it to a boil for about 5 min, and then letting it cool completely . This kills any harmful stuff in it and will make it perfect for your probiotics :) alea

  2. I don’t think I can get distilled water around here… wondering if filtered water will work.

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