Homemade Sunflower Seed Butter


One of the things that you face as a challenge if you go nut free, is the absence of nut butters.   No more cashew, almond, macadamia….  And the big thing is,  this affects baking too.  I love using nut butters for binding agents in cookies to replace egg or xanthan gum.  Or a nice nut butter to give a nice fatty texture to chocolate desserts to replace dairy, or to add to a dairy-free ice cream for a similar mouth-feel.  In short, cutting out nuts if you have multiple intolerances, can sometimes be a challenge.

A little while  ago I started experimenting with sunflower seed butter.  I can basically tolerate the bought stuff, but I have to be honest- I don’t really love it.  I wondered though, if  it would taste differently if I made it from scratch.  I was on to something!! It is so much more roasty ‘nutty’ tasting, and really super delicious.  I was quite pleasantly surprised :

Sunbutter, as its also know,  seems to be used alot by nut-free bakers.  The Spunky Coconut  does a great job of using sunbutter in her recipes.   Its got a more noticeable flavour than the more neutral almond butter, but it tastes great with any topping like jam for a sandwich, and can be used as a direct replacement for nut butters in almost all recipes, and goes a long way towards binding baked goods like cookies. In short, great nut-free stuff :)

NOTE: if you are looking for a raw food version of this recipe, visit here or  here



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  1. ohhh a salad dressing? do you have a recipe on your site for that? I would TOTALLY link to it from the sunbutter recipe post! :D

  2. ahhh my favorite sunbutters are the one from Maranatha (just sea salt added) and the one from Sunbutter Organic (no sugar or salt or additives). i love sunbutter!! i can eat it by the spoonful… i like to use it as salad dressing too!

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