Home Made Nutella (Dairy Free, Soy Free)


Home Made Nutella























I think Nutella is this dirty little secret Italy hides from the rest of the  world… seriously. 

 One hit of the stuff and you are addicted.  A life of the underworld of organized crime and seedy nightclubs is soon to follow. You’ll do anything to get your next fix ;)

This stuff is like crack. I kid you not. lol  


Home Made Nutella

In my travels to figure out how to make this stuff, I found a bunch of recipes for Nutella  online.  However,  none used honey  (the floral notes are awesome) or even agave, very few added salt (You need it. Salt gives ‘umami’),  and nobody included double roasting the nuts or adding cashews. Trust me- you need the double roast and the cashews.

Ever wondered how to make the most of this mind-blowing nutty chocolatey goodness?  Maybe add some liqueur like Frangelico (!! you must!!), or Amaretto, or even Bailey’s or Kahlua if you do dairy.

How do Italians eat Nutella? (Aside from justifying it as a Nutritious Breakfast. Right. Duely noted. lol).  The most common way I saw it eaten was melted on top of fresh crepes and rolled up as street food after a night out at the bar. Canucks from my ‘hood do burgers and shawarma.  Italians do crepes and Nutella.  Um. I think we missed something here lol.

I’m not even going to describe how this recipe is actually better than the commercial product.  You Need To Make This And Let It Blow Your Mind.

Just don’t blame me if you end up in a seedy bar somewhere doing anything to get another hit. And don’t change your name to Luigi with super tight pants and suddenly sprout a rainforest of chest hair.  Promise.


If you want to see some more pretty photos,  head on over to the Desmond & Beatrice blog where I did a guest post!

 Home Made Nutella


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  1. you’re so welcome tracey!! I find home- roasted sunflower seeds are super nutty flavoured so they make this chocolatey spread pretty yummy! be sure to throw in some extra flavours for fun, either melted white chocolate or some almond extract or a little espresso or cinnamon along with your cocoa powder…. yuuuummy :D

  2. yaaaay!!! oh my gosh sally i am so happy that i could make your day! seriously, this recipe will make you squealy happy, i am so not kidding. any requests you might have for future recipes, please send them along and i’ll get inventing! :)

  3. you are my hero!! I love nutella, but after recently having to go dairy,egg,gluten and corn free I have missed it so much. This is the best!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  4. Looks good. I will try this Nutella recipe for Claire. I’m all about the non commercial, as you know.

    PS. There are crepe-nutella vendors at every street corner in Paris. I overdosed.

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