Home Made Hazelnut Extract


Home Made Hazelnut Extract

So I have this semi-guilty pleasure. I’m a compulsive food photography consumer.  I looove looking at photos of food, almost more than anything else.  Some would call this a bit silly, but me, I never get sick of the perfect shot of ice cream or fresh fruit or crusty bread or … or … or…. all things food porn. lol.

What is food porn?  Well, its  beautiful images of food that will make you covet a perfect macro lense for your camera or that cute little plate in the picture or, inspire you to compulsively start baking in a frenzy because you suddenly just HAVE to try that cool recipe you found…. and frankly…. there’s nothing worse to feed this compulsion than the BEST two food porn sites, ever.   Foodgawker and Tastespotting.  Dudes, take a look and you’ll know why. I’ll stare at the screen and hit ‘next-Next-NEXT-NEEEXXT!!!’ for uh… hours if I can get away with it.

I must be ill. :D

Anyhow, its because of those two awesome sites that I come across really unique and creative recipes,  and blogs with gorgeous photos.  As is the case with this recipe.  I first found this recipe at  The Purple Foodie because of  her deeelicious, mouth watering food photography. man. I have so much learning to do with photos!

Anyways, how  cool is this recipe… I want Hazelnut Extract! So, I made some. Its ridiculously easy.

I’m still waiting for it to cure, I’m thinking it will be ready hopefully by Thanksgiving-oooh imagine that drizzled over some  dairy-free vanilla ice cream or dairy free cheese cake!  Fabulousness.

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Home Made Hazelnut Extract


5 Replies to “Home Made Hazelnut Extract”

  1. Hi there Gretchen-

    So glad you are happy about the recipe! I must admit hazelnut is one of those terrific flavours that i just can’t get enough of either. and with a little chocolate….ahhh heaven. :)

  2. Thanks for posting on Wellness Weekends where I found your recipe and technique. Commercial hazlenut flavoring is often off-limits because of gluten – and it is such an addicting flavor. Someday the stars will align and all of these ingredients will be in the house at one time!

  3. Nanci, I’m telling you, you’ll never look at secondhand shops the same way again… my latest fixation is antique silverware/cutlery and old Jewel canning jars (i foudn them in a pretty teal glass colour…so happy!)…. Thanks so much for the comment :D I’m now running off to my last workshop, still nervous, but on the homestretch, almost there!
    :) Let me know how the extract works out for you!

  4. I loved this post. I will have to pick up a vanilla bean and some hazelnuts. My husband loves hazelnut coffee. My husband bought me three different plates for me to use when taking pictures for my blog. It is fun. I hope that you had a great weekend.

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