Gluten Free Vegan Cupcake

Gluten Free Vegan Cupcake Recipe
Gluten Free Vegan Cupcake

NOTE: I’ve just created a BETTER version of this cupcake! Its xanthan free, refined sugar free, and has much less almond flour (with a nut-free substitution)  Its also lighter and super fluffy- Check it out!

Also, check out these recipes for more cupcakes and vegan, soy free, sugar free icing!

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Ahhh the holy grail and bane of my existance.  I’ve been working for ages now on trying to pull off a great combination for a gluten free, egg free, and dairy free vanilla cupcake.  I’ve had many, many different experiences.  There are indeed some blog recipes out there that are terrific, but inevitably there’s one or two ingredients in them that I can’t have — *argh*.

So, to start this off, I’m going to link to my favorite recipes that I’ve come across, just in case there’s something in my recipe you can’t have and are stuck with the same dilemma!

First up-  my favorite blogger, Karina.  Her cupcakes are vegan, gluten free, soy free, and nut free.  However, they use Ener-G egg replacer, and xanthan gum, and I don’t.   Do check it out:  Chocolate Cupcakes with Coffee Icing  and her Vanilla Cupcakes with Mocha Icing.

Second up- if you can do nuts and eggs, but you can’t do xantham gum or any grain product or refined sugar or soy, go for Elana’s Pantry.  She uses coconut flour and almond flour and agave nectar.  Here is her Vanilla Cupcakes with chocolate frosting,  her coconut flour Chocolate Cupcakes and her almond flour Chocolate Cupcakes.



NOTE 1: For a chocolate cupcake, try the “Betest Ever” or the Dark Chocolate recipes. 

For my  xanthan-free, sugar free GF Vegan Vanilla Cupcake with a nut-free option – Click here

NOTE 2: Now, the recipe below makes a vanilla cupcake that is soft, and very filling. I’ve learned the best way to make it is to use an ice cream scoop/food scoop (one of the round ones) and fill it till it is exactly level.  It plops nicely in the pan with a rounded top and cooks evenly cause each is the same weight. Don’t cook them too long!!! They can dry out very quick if you do, and suddenly become rocks :( I learned this, this morning. urgh. I know the cuppies  I brought to the Cupcake Challenge could have been alot more moist. You learn. You learn. (frosting was awesome though!!)

NOTE 3: Check out Maida from Mission Vegan-  she subbed the almond flour for quinoa flour, used rice milk instead of almond milk, and canola oil instead of grapeseed-  Check out her results!





Gluten Free Vegan Vanilla Cupcake Recipe
Gluten Free Vegan Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

15 Replies to “Gluten Free Vegan Cupcake”

  1. yay! so glad you like them :D i looooove these for breakfast …. and i just came up with a modification to be able to pull out the xanthan gum… will post in time for Valentines :D

  2. Wow! Thank you for this recipe. Its delicious. I just ate 2 and they aren’t even cooled or frosted yet.

  3. Hi Maida!
    thanks so much for your feedback… how were they for structure without the almond flour? have you ever worked with chickpea? i hear it has great binding uses, i’ve used it once or twice but never in a dessert… i’ve always kinda wondered about it…
    loved your blog! thank you so much for stopping by to visit :)

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for sharing your recipe! I made a batch of these yesterday and they were delicious. Made a few subs: rice milk, canola oil, and quinoa flour for the almond flour (I needed them to be nut free). They turned out great.

  5. Amanda-
    dude!! thanks so much!! You can have this recipe anytime you want! I’m thinking it does need a tad more white rice flour, and a tad less coconut and almond to lighten it a bit, plus if you use an egg replacer like Enner-G, I bet it would rise higher as well… that being said, the falvour and texture of htis puppy is really good!! It sjust a touch heavy, I gotta work on it. I also want to see if i can replace the sugar with agave nectar. Much work to do! The frosting, however, phenomenal. I just have to figure out a way to replace the shortening and then sugar- I don’t want soy or refined sugar in it. I am going to give Elana’s recipe another try, and then see if i can remove some tapioca, increase coconut oil and see if that helps.

  6. This recipe looks so great! I have been working hard on GF and Vegan cupcake recipe (I HATE IT)… you are giving me great ideas!!
    Love your work!

  7. thank you tracy! if you try them make sure to let me know how they turn out! I’m still tweaking.. want to make them a touch lighter :)

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