Gluten Free Oat Free Nut Free Granola


 Gluten Free Oat Free Nut Free Granola

Originally I thought this was going to be a granola bar…um..but not yet.  I am still working on the proportions here.  The darn stuff will just not stay in a bar form. However, as a breakfast cereal, its PHENOMENAL.  I am so in love with this granola.

 Its crunchy,  a slight hint of chewy, gently sweet and  just the barest hint of sea salt.  With fresh blueberries, raspberries, and some almond milk or rice milk, genius. ( lately I’ve been trying watered down coconut milk, and thats super delicious with this too).

 Gluten Free Oat Free Nut Free Granola


13 Replies to “Gluten Free Oat Free Nut Free Granola”

  1. Hi there Sara!
    thanks so much for the idea… hemp seeds would be terrific, so would raw buckwheat, or even some chia seeds…mm i’m getting lots of ideas already :) happy granola-making!

  2. I bet adding hemp seeds in would also be really good! I am going to try it! This looks so good!!

  3. Neato Vonda! I’m thrilled that they liked it so much!
    I have a new oat-free oatmeal coming up this weekend too :) Hopefully i’ll be able to get it up on time :D

  4. Wow. Found your site not to long ago and I love it. Kids wolfed this down in no time flat. Thank you.

  5. thanks Sam! btw i just checked out your blog- i didn’t know you were a writer… how awesome is that! we must chat sometime. I’m a prose geek :) are you on Twitter? oh- and- one author you must.must.must. check out- Jeanette Winterson. She’s kind of a post modern magic realist. her work will cut right to the gut. I loved Lighthousekeeping and The World and Other Places. (oh. and its gorgeous prose. after getting the stuffing kicked out of me in my undergrad in english lit, if there’s one thing that makes me bonkers its when people recommend books like The Davinci Code lol).

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