Gluten-free, Egg-free Pork Sausages

Gluten Free Egg Free Sausage Recipe
Gluten Free Egg Free Sausage Recipe

(or Nonna’s Salsicce).

When I was little, my nonna made the BEST small sausages by hand, without the casings.  They were so simple- ground pork, handful of breadcrumbs, an egg, salt, and lots and lots of pepper.  She’d caramelize them in the pan and then deglaze the whole batch with strong home made white wine. yum. Don’t even get me started on her pizza bianca or her gnocchi. *sigh* glutenfilleddreams.

OK, so, I’m pretty sure I’ve come up with a decent gluten-free, egg-free alternative.  Amaranth flour, instead of bread crumbs, is actually quite sticky by nature. Works well. And ground flax seed (believe it or not), works pretty well as a binding agent.  Throw in a little almond meal for structure, and voila! It works!!



Serve it with a salad– there’s plenty to choose from here!

Gluten Free Egg Free Pork Sausages


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