Gluten Free Vegan Fudgy Brownies (Sugar Free, Egg Free, Nut free, and Paleo option)



I thought I would re-post these beauties to share with you for Valentine’s Day-  I made them the morning I was rushing off to a wedding of a lovely friend last year, and she was clearly the inspiration. ****

 Wow. Ok, so what started out as an attempt to recreate La Tartine Gourmande’s Chocolate Tahini Pots de Creme, turned into something altogether more fabulous than expected.

Typical. I’m rushing a recipe at the last minute while prepping for my *beautiful* friend Becci’s wedding in, err… 4 hours? lol  This last minute blitz, true to form,  ended up being way more delicious than something I could plan  in advance.

So, these phenomenal chocolate bliss brownies are for one of the most beautiful fabulous girls I’ve known since I was 17.  Its probably suitably fitting that the one day I come up with the most terrific dessert I have ever made yet, free of gluten and sugar and eggs, would be today, her day. 



NOTE: This recipe linked to Simply Sugar and Gluten Free   Slightly Indulgent Tuesday blog roundup!



Serve with  almond dairy-free whipped cream

or coconut dairy-free whipped cream

or raw dairy-free whipped cream 

or Dairy- Free Ice Cream.

Or just eat this fabulousness on its own!

(hey, Becs- YAE- MJB.) I am so.  proud. of you. 




21 Replies to “Gluten Free Vegan Fudgy Brownies (Sugar Free, Egg Free, Nut free, and Paleo option)”

  1. Hi there Jessica!
    You can try using 4-5 soaked and pureed prunes, or perhaps 1/3 cup applesauce. I bet even 1/3 cup pumpkin puree might work too!

  2. You are wonderful and so is your blog; I`m so glad I stumbled upon it! You have an amazing list of information on gluten-free flours and egg substitutes and some lovely-looking recipes. I`ll definitely be adding you to my blogroll. I like making healthy brownies but I`ve yet to make gluten-free ones (besides a black bean brownie I have!). Thanks for being such a inspiration!

  3. heya Christine-
    i know what you mean, I never really made brownies that often- these were kind of a happy accident, trying to make chocolate molten cakes and ended up with super fudgy brownies :) I was pretty happy with the accident!! I must say though, best option, use ramekins. A regular brownie pan may not get the same results… :) happy baking!

  4. I made brownies for the first time last week (shock! I know!), but now I want to try making them again as they were so tasty and these look like they would be really tasty to try1

  5. Hi Katie!

    you’re going to want something a bit starchy to help with the binding, perhaps 1 1/2 tbsp tapioca or arrowroot or potato starch and 1 1/2 tbsp GF flour of your choice would work… the starch will absorb the natural oils in the recipe and help with binding, and the flour will wok with texture and taste (I’d suggest millet, great flavour). let me know how it turns out! :D

  6. These look absolutely divine! Is there a substitute I could use for aramath flour? I don’t have any on hand right now…

  7. Hi there Susan-

    You could yse applesauce- i’m thinking if it s a bit too watery, you might want to use a soaked date or prune puree to hold the mix together and keep it sweet :D let me know how your baking turns out!
    alea :D

  8. these look sooo good. i have everything on hand to make these ~ but i am allergic to bananas. would applesauce work as a substitute? thanks for a great recipe!

  9. hi there Alioxn,

    I use the store-bought tahini in a jar- its kind ofa mix between a sauce and a paste, i give it a good stir first and it works well (there are no sesame chunks in it). I imagine if you made your own it could work too, might be a bit thicker :)

  10. When you use tahini in this recipe, did you make the tahini? Is that just sesame seeds ground up or sesame seeds with sesame oil (a paste)? I’m not sure which consistency I should be using. Thanks!

  11. Hi Amanda!

    Thank you! And yes, she is one phenomenal and beautiful bride. I couldn’t be happier for her! :)

  12. These look amazing and everything you have said about Becci couldn’t be more true! Congrats to a beautiful bride and her lovely family!

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