Gluten Free Corn Free Soft Tortillas


Gluten Free Corn Free Tortillas

Ohhhh yes. These babies are terrific- they don’t get all gross and hard and crunchy.  They stay soft and pliable. They taste like The Real Deal.  And if you aren’t a fan of rice flour ( not everyone is),  do sub in your favorite GF flour-  maybe amaranth, millet, quinoa – depends entirely on your taste preferance.   *NOTE* for xanthan-free tortillas visit this page.

Watch the video to make tortillas

This recipe is a riff on the original found at Gluten Free Cooking School.  However,  I changed most of the flours to make it corn and soy free, added more starch to cook a little crispier, took out the sugar, and reduced the xantham gum.  Err… so basically its a totally new monster. :) Yay!

I’m just so not going to waste time blathering on and on about it .  Must Get To Recipe.

Note: If you want to remove the xantham gum (I’m not very crazy about the stuff myself),  try adding 2 tbsp ground flax and 1 packet of unflavoured gelatine to the water and letting it sit for about 5 min before adding to the dry ingredients.  Let me know if it works – I’m curious to try that next time around.

FOR A SOFTER TORTILLA: add 1 tsp more xantham gum

Gluten Free Corn Free Tortillas



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  1. Love your recipes! I appreciate all the work you’ve done and that you share it with all of us.

    For those worried about xanthum gum, my research suggests that Authentic Foods produces xanthum gum that is corn-free. You can order it online or try to find it locally. One semi-local store in my area carries it. It’s nearly impossible to produce quality baked goods without it.

  2. I got soooo excited when I saw the title tag. Just FYI: Xantham gum is actually made from corn, so these aren’t really corn free. For people who use no corn at all, just a warning!

  3. Hi Katie-
    Instead of rice flour, i’d suggest white sorghum flour (its got alot of protein in it so it will hold together really well). For additional holding power- try an egg plus throw in 1 tbsp of ground flax or ground chia seed- it will help hold things together. Let me know how your experiments go, and i’ll update the recipe so that the readers have some more options. thanks for writing in! :)

  4. I can’t find corn free xantham gum- do you think egg would hold it together? I can eat eggs, just definitely not corn. Also I can’t eat rice, what do you think I could substitute?

  5. Hi Kim-
    Thanks for pointing this out… I’ve found out that not all brands of xanthan gum are grown on corn. you can check with the manufacturer of your preferred brands to see which are safest for you.
    hope that helps!

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