Fruit Chips!


Fruit Chips (Vegan, Paleo, Raw)-























I had no idea how easy it was to make fruit chips… but man. If you have extra fruit kicking around or a bumpercrop of whatever is in season, this is totally the way to go!  I’m kinda addicted- and the snacks last for ever in the fridge! Sooooo easy.  And the flavour is super concentrated, so you get a terrific burst, especially if you add them to baking ( muffins! or loafs! or cookies!), or to oatmeal or to your breakfast cereal… the possibilities are endless….  Funny enough, the most un-pretty is the one I really love- the banana.  Wow.  Does it ever make you want to eat more and more…. perfectly sweet and slightly chewy/crispy. Delicious.

The trick to these is to slice them really thinly, and lay them on parchment paper on a cookie sheet in your oven.  The more watery the fruit, the longer it will take. So, for apples, 2 hours, but for strawberries, 2.5 hours.  And you don’t need a dehydrator!