Dairy Free Vegan Maple Cashew Milk


Dairy Free Maple Cashew Milk (Raw, Vegan, Primal) - MyRealFoodLife.com  Welcome to our non-dairy milk series! Yesterday was Almond Milk, today is Cashew milk.  Next up is Coconut Milk,  Hemp Milk, Pistachio Milk, Macadamia Nut Milk, and Flax Milk.

Cashew milk  is so delicious, so unbelievably e.a.s.y. , you’ll never want to buy non-dairy milk again.  And if you are sensitive to emulsifiers (soy lethicin), or crazy preservatives (sulfites), you’re in luck.  This stuff is straight to your belly the most gut friendly, delicious, and the most dairy-like un-dairy milk, ever.  No messy boiling, no fancy Vitamix blender needed, nuthin complicated. 

You’ll find this recipe turns out a pefect white milk colour and has a great texture in your mouth- not chalky like rice milk, or chemical-ish like the commercial non-dairy milks. Delicious.

Still with me? :)

So, in honor of our upcoming local spring maple season, I’ve incorporated maple syrup for sweetening, but you can just as easily use agave nectar or honey or any other sweetener of choice- if you are on an anti-candida diet, try a few drops of stevia till its to your liking.

Dairy Free Maple Cashew Milk (Raw, Vegan, Primal) - MyRealFoodLife.com

Here we go! The recipe is su–u–u–uper un-complicated.



Dairy Free Maple Cashew Milk (Raw, Vegan, Primal) - MyRealFoodLife.com


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  1. yay!! thanks so much sophie!
    if you ever wanna chat recipes or try out some of the stuff i’m working on, feel free to give me a shout :) its always great to have a neighbor in the city! (myrealfoodlife@gmail.com)

  2. I have been reading allergy/intolerance-friendly blogs for quite a while now – but i am all too happy to have discovered yours as you are in Ottawa! :) hurray. from what i have seen so far – i really like your recipes!

  3. maple syrup makes it perrrfect :) i think since the cashews are raw, the nutrient value is quite similar, although, because i don’t have a vitamix, i do strain my milk…. and 1 cup of cashews makes lots and looooooots of milk, so i imagine it depends on how much you water it down? either way, since its raw i’m guessing its pretty healthy :D

  4. i love cashew milk!!! i’ve seen them sweeten it with dates but it’s too sugary for me. maybe adding a touch of maple syrup might be more palatable for me? btw, since cashew milk isn’t strained like the other nut milks, what is the nutritional value of it? is it just like eating a handful of cashews? (cuz the nutritional value of almonds vs. almond milk is vastly different!)

  5. oh thanks so much ricki! :)
    btw, i just check out your fantastic strawbery fluff… ohhh. myyyy. goodness. i could barely concentrate at work! lol

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