Dairy Free Vanilla Rhubarb Ice Cream




Rhubarb ginger vegan vanilla ice cream is swoon-worthy. I kid you not.

A bright pink delicate and slightly spicy ribbon of rhubarb and ginger punctuates the creamy texture of this ice cream to give a beautifully complex flavour that is both light and fruity and thick and creamy. 

Now, the  hardest part about making a dairy-free ice cream is making sure its still soft enough to scoop and doesn’t compromise that creamy flavour on the back of your palate.  I figured, hey since most commercial ice creams don’t even HAVE dairy in them (ha), there must be a way to pull this off.

Luckily, it was far easier than I thought.  I hunted around,  found a few recipes,  did some experimenting, and came up with this one.  You don’t even need an ice cream machine.  Just a pie or cake plate, a blender, and thats it. Perfecto.

This is, honestly, the best, ice cream, ever.  Try layering it with different fruit purees when you pour it into the pan for the second freeze.  Or maybe drip some chocolate or chopped marshmallows with caramel or candied nuts or cookie dough… wow. Possibilities are endless.  You would never know there are only 3 tablespoons of honey in this! And its super easy!

Note:  If you are looking for a Raw Food vanilla ice cream, check out this one on Yum Universe