Dairy Free Vache Qui Rit Soup



Dairy Free Vache Qui Rit Soup- MyRealFoodLife.comGood morning everyone…!  I hope Labour Day weekend was good to you :)   I first saw this soup on Laura Calder’s “French Food at Home”.  (Gawd I love her, by the way).  As the story goes, apparently its a favorite soup of French schoolchildren in France. Its very simple, and velvety smooth.  Essentially, you’ve got only 4 ingredients- its so uncomplicated, it makes you want to play around. But I’ll restrain myself and just keep it to the soup for now.  You could easily add cumin, chili flakes, a generous dollop of pesto, maybe some parsley, or basil…. possibilities are endless.

Dairy Free Vache Qui Rit Soup- MyRealFoodLife.com


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