Dairy Free Frozen Orange Ginger Tea Latte


Dairy Free Orange Ginger Tea Latte Slushie - MyRealFoodLife.com


The sun is shining in Ottawa today, we’re finally out of the thunderstorms, and I figure if I put a slushie drink out there, then the universe will respond and give us another beautiful hot sunny day tomorrow, JUST so we can enjoy this treat.  Whaddaya think? :)  After the long day at work some of us had today, really, something cold, slushy, creamy and slightly sweet is exactly what we all need. 

I really love this drink, btw.  Just. Love.  I keep a bunch of it in my freezer, ready for thawing and slushing for the hot days :)

BTW- a big thank you to Elana’s Pantry for linking to this recipe in her Iced Ginger Chai latte post!


  1. Dairy Free Orange Ginger Tea Latte Slushie - MyRealFoodLife.com
    Dairy Free Orange Ginger Tea Latte Slushie – MyRealFoodLife.com

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  1. ahh funny enough, we’ve hit the 100s in Ottawa too! over 40 degrees celsius with the humidity (so thats 103 farenheit). And to think we get to the -40s in the winter (at that point farenheit and celsius are the same. crazy.) :) hope you enjoy the slushie!

  2. hey jamie-
    yah, i heard lemon juice actually really helps with digesting fats- has to do with its acidity and natural enzymes… usually when i’m stuck and have to eat something thats bad for the gut, i find taking enzyme supplements REALLY helps… its great hearing from you, i know what you mean about finding someone else out there whose gut is just as rebellious… alot of people really don’t get it. thats actually why i looooove karina’s blog (listed on my blogroll). man. that woman knows about bag gut… she calls hers ‘monkey gut’. perfect.

  3. Yeah, salt & oils — crazy, huh? Almost every type of oil is a huge irritant, but I can tolerate EVOO in tiny amounts – I’m talking teaspoons at a time and only once every other week or so. Lemon juice also helps me! Things just seem to… digest better when I add a bit of it! Not sure how/why, but I cook most veggies with it and yum! I think I’m a bit sensitive to tomatoes too (causes MAJOR gut swell!), but I lurve garlic and put it in everything! Hate that you can’t have that deliciousness all the time! :(

    I know playing it super-strict with the gut has made a huge difference for me. Now that I’m slowly adding back to my diet (hello salt and cold foods!), I’m able to recognize more easily what irritates and what’s fine in moderation.

    I’m one of the lucky celiacs who can tolerate oats — I use Bob’s and LOVE them! I’m also planning to try your bfast porridge this weekend – sans brown rice. I can’t handle any form of rice! I’ve also never cooked with the cinnamon sticks before — any tips on that?

    It’s so weird that you mentioned Vega testing! The day before you said that, I dropped by a chiropractic/ENT office for some information and they told me about the test. I’m not sure if I’ll take it, but it’s definitely interesting!

    Thanks again for all of your help and advice, it is a HUGE comfort to know there is someone else out there dealing with the same types of GI issues!

  4. Hi ckp! i looooove some of your recipes! horchata- I’d never heard of it before… and that pumpkin ice cream looks phenomenal… both now on my To Do Immediately list lol :)

  5. Jamie- thanks so much for that recipe… I’m totally going to have to try it! wow.. no kidding? Salt and oils? are there some kinds that are harder to digest than others? i hear you on the sugar craziness. room spins and i kinda pass out… but thats the candida… i keep that in check by eating as much raw as i can, and go easy on the super cooked stuff and on the fruits. I find that if i eat a tonne of raw food, especially veg with lemon juice and a wee bit of salt, i am golden.
    You might find that as you go super strict with your gut for a time, it will heal a bit and so you may be able to tolerate your irritants in moderation. I’ve noticed i can now have a little chocoalte once in a while or coffee, etc. ifi do it regularly, sick. once ina blue moon (like once a month or every few weeks), not too bad.

    Have you ever heard of vega testing? Its a bit controversial, doesn’t work for everyone, but my personal experience was positive. It helped me get my list (looooong list) of food sensitivities so i know when my gut is not well, what foods and spices to avoid for a while. (my list is retardedly long though. 60 items. urgh. no garlic! tomatoes! parsley!).

    Let me know how it goes for your vanilla extract- and oh… make sure the oats you buy are certified gluten free- many companies process oats in a factory containing wheat products. Plus, there is some wierd protein in oats that some celiacs react to, and others are totally fine. weird eh?
    Can you eat quinoa or brown rice? i have a oat free oatmeal recipe just in case- :

    happy cooking jamie! hope your gut is good to you this weekend :)

  6. I used 1/2 a frozen banana (to make it creamier/sweeter), 1TBSP of freshly grated ginger (first time using fresh ginger and HUGE diff it makes in taste!), 1 cup Vanilla Almond Milk, then sprinkled the cinnamon & nutmeg to taste.

    Oddly enough, spices do not seem to bother me as long as I use them sparingly. Salt is the one exception — I have to use that VERY sparingly… I actually only within the last two weeks began using it again — first time since January! I know that I’m sugar sensitive — the only kind of sugar I can use without having many probs is SuCaNat, and I still have to use that in small amounts! I’m really interested in using extracts for sweetness, though — but I’ve wondered if they’ll cause some problems for me. I think I’ll try a recipe for oats that calls for vanilla extract this weekend, I’ll let you know how it goes! :)

    Do you have problems with oils? That seems to be my biggest (and weirdest) irritant!

  7. ohhh… that sounds so delicious.. i never thought of combining bananas and ginger… and cinnamon and nutmeg… wow. delicious. I have o try that… what else did you put in, straight banana? was it powdered or fresh ginger? how are you with spices? i find alot of spices make my gut go bonkers… although fresh grated nutmeg isn’t too bad… vanilla extract on the other hand.. yipes. :)

  8. Can’t wait to try this! I made a banana ginger smoothie yesterday, though I topped with cinnamon and nutmeg in an attempt to bring cooler fall weather my way. Didn’t work, but at least it was delicious! :)

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