Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream (Dairy Free, Primal, Vegan)























Ahhh summer.  Its just not the same without ice cream, and I am telling you, the perfect ice cream is kind of my little holy grail.  It has to be thick, rich, not too sweet, creamy, and simple to make.  A tall order, but, that’s what experimenting is for!

I really wanted to call this Nutella Ice Cream, but, I figured that would be pushing the limits of trying to sell you on something “healthy-ish”. lol.

For my Nut Free Friends–  if you can have dairy,  go ahead and use regular cream (about 3-4 cups), and whisk in 3-4 tempered egg yolks during the simmering process.  Alternatively, you can try rice, oat, hemp, or flax milks, but there will not be as much fat.  To replace the hazelnuts, use home roasted and ground sunflower seeds.


Ok, enough chitchat, lets get on to the recipe!