Dairy Free Ranch Salad Dressing (soy free, nut free, Vegan, Paleo)


So… just because you might be off dairy doesn’t mean you have to do without creamy, zesty salad dressing.  This is a terrific little recipe, and it surprises me just how dairy-like it tastes.  I could swear there was mayonnaise in there.  Crazy.  The great thing is, for ONCE the dairy replacement is nut free and soy free.

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Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream (Dairy Free, Primal, Vegan)























Ahhh summer.  Its just not the same without ice cream, and I am telling you, the perfect ice cream is kind of my little holy grail.  It has to be thick, rich, not too sweet, creamy, and simple to make.  A tall order, but, that’s what experimenting is for! Continue reading “Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream (Dairy Free, Primal, Vegan)”


Perfect Parsnip Chips (GF, primal, vegan, allergen free)





















I really miss snacking on a salty crunchy carb.  There are days, I will admit, I totally pine for potatoes but secretly wonder if there might be a (slightly) healthier alternative?

I’ve tried baking beets and sweet potato chips- but they just aren’t that pale crunchy potato-y treat.  (sidebar- I so totally know potato-y isn’t a word. lol) — Parsnips, however.  Parsnips are another ballgame altogether.   They are nowhere near the same flavour of beet chips or sweet potato chips. They are so, so much better.

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Dairy Free Vegan Pistachio Ice Cream (Paleo, GF, ACD)




















Ice creaaaaaam! How much do you love the stuff? I do.  Bigtime.  I’ve noticed this summer a plethora of dairy-free ice cream recipes  popping up, and I thought, well its time for a new one over here.  Ever made ice cream with coonut milk before? No?  You need to try my vanilla ice cream with rhubarb ginger ribbon,  or my tipsy soft serve amaretto ice cream. Dreamy.

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Watermelon Lime Refresher (raw, vegan, paleo)


Watermelon Lime Drink - MyRealFoodLife.com





















 Suuuuummer. Its finally here, in all its glory.  O-town has been hit with a killer heat wave (in the 40s with the humidity! oh my)… and the last thing anyone wants to do is cook.   I’d rather slurp away the heat on something refreshing and dip into any salad I can get my hands on.

Here’s the thing, though-  a refreshing drink that is low in sugar is pretty difficult to come by, and I gotta be honest.  I want pink. I want pretty.  And I want it, now. :)

 I also don’t want a sugar binge- I’m trying so hard to be kind to my body.  But…  those pretty and sugary pink girly drinks get mighty tempting.   Plus, I have some picnics and parties coming up, and the last thing I want is to feel left out of the festivities.    (I mean, “here’s a jug of my favorite spring water” doesn’t exactly spell Ideal Host Gift, ya know? ;)  ).     Sometimes, you just want a little fun, but not have to overdo it on the sugar.  This is where Watermelon Lime Refresher totally fits the bill.

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