BIG news!


Ok, I’m laughing like a little kid, because its finally official.  I’ve been keeping this in for weeks (and WEEKS), and its been killing me!

Guys, officially, I’m going to be on TV! No, really.  I swear.  Starting on Monday, and once a month for the next few months, I’m going to be a guest cook for allergen-free foods.  (eep!).

Okokok so here are the details:

Show: ReviveLife with Dr. Joel Lee Villeneuve, ND. (Check out their Facebook page)

When/ Where: Rogers Cable 22, show starts 3pm, I’m on around 3:15/3;30 (I’ll be getting a video of the show and putting it up on Youtube so you guys can watch later and laugh at my particularly fabulous version of dorkhood ;)  )

Topic: Nov 22- Baking with Gluten Free Flours

Watch the video:

Here’s where I need you!

There’s a live call in segment at around 3:30, and yes I’ll be put on the hotspot for answering questions.  PEOPLE.  Call The Show. 613-728-1001. DO IT.  Heck, I can even email you a list of ideas for questions to ask (just let me know! .  It can’t just be my mom calling in ;) (Did anyone see that episode of Brothers & Sisters where Sally Field”s kids called her radio show? lol guys. that can’t be me lol. that will PROBABLY be me. lol)

Anyways, since I have this total inner clown and I’ve never been on TV before, um. You’re totally getting stuck with the behind the scenes play by play. I’m telling you. I’ll take pictures of everything.  :D

I mean, I’m even breaking my own rules and getting my nails done (what? where did those 10 year old boy hands go?  whose lady-hands are these??).  Crazy.

So, right. Gluten Free Flours, Monday Nov 22, 3:15 pm, Rogers Cable 22. Call 613-728-1001 at 3:30 with your questions or if you honestly just want to see me squirm on live TV. Come now, that would be entertaining lol.

See you then! And I’ll be taking pics and starting a Youtube channel shortly.

A wee note: To be honest, I think we should really just do it all like this . :)


(This is my nephew. This is exactly what i feel like right now…

Err. Minus the inappropriate exposure lol )


5 Replies to “BIG news!”

  1. bahahhahaa! Seriously Pickles! i didn’t know i wasn’t supposed to store gunpowder in my cupbaords- i figured its what every cook should have! lol
    sigh. no more boomashooten for me lol

  2. thank you trace…. i’m kinda excited in a ‘don’t flash the world your tummy inappropriately like my nephew’ kinda way haha..
    wouldn’t it be hillarious to have a Swedish Chef cooking show? ;)
    Shotgun donuts for EVERYONE lol!

  3. Lol, that youtube video is hilarious. Oh, Alea, I am SO excited for you!!! I’d love to call in and I will try to, ok! I’ll send you an e-mail at work tomorrow to get a list of ideas for questions. You are going to be completely adorable and loveable on TV, Alea. You have the PERFECT personality for this! This is only the beginning for you… you do know that, eh? :-)


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